Whitney believes deeply in the goodness, dignity and resiliency of the human spirit and continues to be inspired by the growth and renewal she sees in her clients, even as they navigate some of the more difficult seasons in life. She considers it a profound honor to journey with others through both grief and joy, times of brokenness and times of healing.

Whitney has always been passionate about human transformation. Her unique and varied background, working with children and adults in the fields of education, physical fitness, and spiritual development, has equipped her well to approach the counseling process from a holistic perspective. Taking an integrative approach, Whitney incorporates a variety of therapeutic interventions including psycho-education, mindfulness, and art therapy.

She holds a Master of Arts in clinical counseling from Denver Seminary and is certified in the Prepare and Enrich method of relationship assessment and enrichment. With experience in both private practice and residential treatment settings, Whitney works with individuals, couples, children and families and provides in-home therapy as needed.

In her view, the counseling process is ultimately a journey toward wholeness. Through her experience as a counselor Whitney has seen firsthand that even our deepest wounds and struggles can reveal incredible strengths and gifts when viewed through the lens of grace. In the words of Brene Brown, “Grace takes us places hustling can’t.”

"The most important marriage skill is listening to your partner in a way that they can't possibly doubt that you love them. --"  Diane Sollee

" When unconditional love is put into action, it truly is the 'cure' to creating peace in the home. It simply takes learning how to put it into action. Traditional parenting techniques are fraught with fear, disguised as love. Shifting your perspective to allow the light of love to overcome the darkness of fear is the only way.--" Heather Forbes

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